Vegan Ramen UZU Tokyo
Tokyo, Toyosu, teamLab Planets

Vegan Ramen UZU Tokyo is a dining experience from Kyoto. Located in the plaza of teamLab Planets in Toyosu, Tokyo, guests can enjoy vegan ramen surrounded by art in the Reversible Rotation - Non-Objective Space and Table of Sky and Fire artwork spaces, or at the One Stroke Bench. Vegan ice cream and a variety of teas are available.


Vegan Ramen

Vegan MISO Ramen UZU style Limited to Tokyo¥1,800

The base of the soup is oat milk containing a hint of sweetness. It is then combined with a special miso sauce which is a blend of several types of miso unique to Japan, white sesame paste, and further infused with ginger and garlic.
The dish is topped with mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, and other colorful vegetables that are rich in flavor. The vegetables are dipped in hot olive oil to brighten the color.
The dish is finished with homemade tea salt made from circulated tea leaves and a pinch of sansho (Japanese pepper).
The homemade medium-thick noodles are made from Hokkaido wheat and organic whole wheat flour from the town of Aya in Miyazaki Prefecture. The noodles have a rich flavor and a slippery, glutinous texture.
Beyond the framework of veganism, our ramen was developed to be loved by people around the world while incorporating Japan's unique fermentation and flavor culture. We are proud to have created a new style of ramen that cannot be categorized in the existing ramen category.
Please try our ramen.
※ Includes garlic,almond,ginger,soy, wheat, and sesame oil.
※ Not five pungent root free or gluten free

  • Vegan Ramen UZU Tokyo Limited Menu

    Vegan Ice Cream by

    Vegan ice cream from PicaRo Eis, a Berlin-style shop that specializes in ice cream from Gojo, Kyoto.

    *This product is produced in a facility that also manufactures products containing dairy, eggs, nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts), and sesame.







    SOYBEAN FLOUR COFFEE (Non-Caffeine)¥660

    Made with oat milk, soy milk, and deep-roasted soybean flour, this ice cream provides coffee-like aroma and bitterness without caffeine. It also has a moist and smooth texture unlike typical vegan ice cream.


  • Vegan muffin

    Pecan nuts and bananas¥880


    Griotts and Amarena cherries¥880




  • Drink HOT

    UMBER TEA¥550

    Roasted GREEN TEA with CHAMOMILE¥550

    Classic GREEN TEA teamLab Office Blend (HOT)¥550

  • Drink COLD

    Cold brew GREEN TEA¥550

    Cold brew GREEN TEA with YUZU¥550

    Cold brew GREEN TEA with SANSHO PEPPER¥550



  • Drink SOFT DRINK

    FUJI WATER(360ml)¥385



  • Drink SOFT BEER


Nearby Artwork Dining Spaces

Reversible Rotation - Non-Objective Space

* Entry is possible without visiting teamLab Planets.
* For safety reasons, children ages 6 and under are not allowed in the "Reversible Rotation - Non-Objective Space".
The artwork space is freed from the physical boundaries of the surfaces of tables or chairs.
The Spatial Calligraphy rotates in the artwork space, every aspect rotating in the same direction. But because of the special characteristics of Ultrasubjective Space, it can appear to be rotating clockwise or counterclockwise...

Table of Sky and Fire

* Entry is possible without visiting teamLab Planets. This table reflects the sky and the Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky. The table is connected to the artwork and to the sky. Human beings need to be connected to the world to live. teamLab hopes that people will eat something on this table while thinking that to live and to eat is to stay connected to the world.

One Stroke Bench

* Entry is possible without visiting teamLab Planets.
Like the stroke of a brush, this is a single, connected bench. The intricately overlapping planes and continuous curved surfaces have freely-changing functions, such as a chair for sitting, a table for eating, a playground for children, and a lounger for resting. The three-dimensionally intersecting parts look like a solid block or a sculpture...

Vegan Ramen UZU Tokyo

teamLab Planets TOKYO, Toyosu 6-1-16, Koto-ku, Tokyo

11:00 - 20:30
* Last order for ramen is 30 minutes before the shop closes.

Wednesday, April 10; Wednesday, May 8; Wednesday, June 5

* Entry is possible without visiting teamLab Planets.


Museum next to Vegan Ramen UZU Tokyo

teamLab Planets TOKYO
July 7, 2018 - End of 2027 Toyosu, Tokyo

teamLab Planets is a museum where you walk through water, and a garden where you become one with the flowers. It comprises 4 large-scale artwork spaces and 2 gardens created by art collective teamLab.