Vegan Ramen UZU

Live on this Earth, and celebrate this Earth

Humankind is connected to everything that comes from the Earth. We exist by continuously taking in and dissipating the blessings of the Earth everyday.
When we contemplate our existence, we cannot separate it from the natural environment.

At Vegan Ramen UZU, we take into consideration and face the subject of sustainability of the natural environment.
Through culinary knowledge and the experience of physically perceiving art in an active state through eating, we aim to create a place that expands taste as well as of our perception of the world.

We hope to explore culinary experiences that encourage us to think about what it means to eat and to live, and to celebrate life on Earth, all the while feeling connected to the natural environment we live in.

*Vegan Ramen UZU aims for zero waste. The ingredients used in the soup are not discarded but are instead used to create other dishes.
*No artificial flavorings are used. The noodles are made with organic whole wheat flour from the town of Aya in Miyazaki Prefecture.