Vegan Ramen UZU

In 2020, humanity was forced to face head-on the question of what it means to “live”.

With lockdowns taking place on a global scale, cities ceased to function, and people’s lives were sent into turmoil.

In contrast, birds soared the skies, plants flourished with dignity, the waters cleared, and it is as though the earth has regained a once lost vitality.

Is the relationship between humans and the earth as it is now, the way it should continue to be?

We must thoughtfully reconsider what it means ‘to eat’.

Our claim is not that veganism is the answer, however, it is clear that the immense burden inflicted on the earth by the modern food industry and food consumption habits is reaching a limit.

Since the ancient times, a diet similar to veganism has been followed by people in Japan.

We studied the rich broadleaf evergreen forest landscapes in Japan and East Asia, and through a trial and error process with ingredients and culinary methods we created vegan ramen rooted in culture.

It would be our greatest pleasure for our vegan ramen to pave the way for people to think about environmental and food issues, as well as the relationship between humans and the earth.

Please enjoy.